Doublefaced No. 30
Sebastian Bieniek


Steve Buscemi replaces Ezra Koenig

about fucking time

Whether I’m actually interested in the event or not, I’ll go to plays, musicals, sports games, and such to support my friends and see them doing what they love. But I have a feeling if I was part of an art show, most of my friends wouldn’t care enough to come.

oh and my brother and his girlfriend are coming tomorrow and spending the night. Which isn’t bad but they’re bringing their cat and I’m still not sure how I feel about cats.

Stayed up til 2 am painting 200 index cards for an animation project. Tomorrow, I have to individually scan each one, draw 15-20 sketches in my sketchbook for class, finalize my bumper sticker assignment and look into getting them printed, start drawing the tattoo my friend asked me for (I was suppose to have drawn the whole thing over break oops), and try to find time to celebrate Easter with my family.

Does anyone like Doctor Who because I have these 84 books plus a completely unsolved crossword book that I don’t want.




King of the Beach / Wavves

trying to channel some good summer vibes because it fucking snowed last night